The world's most advanced device for preliminary Lab-Grown Diamonds and Simulants detection.


In the hands of Mother Nature the formation of Diamonds may take thousands of years, but it can take only a few days when it goes to Science.

There are no differences to the naked eye, however, the correct tool can reveal a lot beyond the mere appearances.


DiaSynth autonomously detects the presence of gems, their size and their position in the analysis space. Thanks to the first level of internal Artificial Intelligence called “Detection”, the presence, position and size of each individual gem are instantaneously detected, allowing the following analysis phases to be “aware” of what is arranged in the analysis space and therefore to test each gem individually, even when there are more than one to test.


The “Photography of UV Induced Visible Fluorescence (UVIVF)” technique, on which DiaSynth set the analysis process, allows observing the fluorescence, transition and phosphorescence of the gems subjected to the test. The Internal Artificial Intelligence identifies about 120 specific features for each gem, which allow the A.I. to distinguish and classify the gems in Natural Diamonds, Lab-Grown CVD, Lab-Grown HPHT, in addition to the most common Stimulants such as CZ and MOISSANITE.


Developed in collaboration with the University of Verona

Pick always the right one

Thanks to the integrated LCD display built-in in the Tray, you will never risk picking the wrong gem. The Artificial Intelligence locates and records the position of each individual gem in the space and associates the said gems with the symbols corresponding to the results of the tests. This information, reproduced directly underneath the tested gems, allows to easily distinguish natural diamonds from Lab-Grown ones. The removable tray, with its 6cm x 6cm analysis platform and the compartments for organizing the stones, guarantees very high versatility of use and at the same time optimize productivity.

Easy, as it naturally is...

The results of the analysis are no longer based on user’s expertise only, with DiaSynth they are the fruit of an advanced computerized digital process. The software allows choosing the intervention level of the A.I. in the decision-making process. You may ask DiaSynth to do it all by itself or, if you want, you can ask DiaSynth to give you advice .. only when you need it.


Optimized for Touch-Screen use, everything is at your Fingertips.

When DiaSynth is used in combination with its 27 "Touch-Screen, the interaction with the software and the reading of the results are greatly improved. All for a great customer experience.

Bangles and Rings

Not only for loose stones. Not only the Tray. DiaSynth does also analyze mounted rings and bracelets which, thanks to the interchangeable supports, can be easily inserted into the testing chamber. With the help of the integrated rotary motor, the rings and bracelets are rotated under the eye of DiaSynth to allow 360° inspections


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